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Student's Windsurfing Camps


Are you looking for unforgettable holidays, meeting new people, having fun ?
Do you want to revel in windsurfing, and not only windsurfing???

Just come to us, our windsurfing camps are perfect for you!

Our 10 days programme is designed for students and young people
(17-29 years old).



 Before you start windsurf you have to reach us first...
 Reaching Władysławowo is easy...there are many buses and trains  
 getting there.
 Take the bus ( PKS) from Władysławowo and get out
 (after 5 minutes of driving) by the Solar camp site.

  This is not the end yet...you have to walk approx. 100 m ( Hel direction) and then you'll be
  on the spot.
  If you go by train to Chałupy and are not interested in 2 hours walk to our center, please
  come to our first center located in Chałupy ( approx. 200 m) and ask somebody to give you
  a lift to Polaris.



 Especially for you we prepared a mini camp site to give you a 
 possiblity to live in your own tents.

 If you don't like to lug a huge baggage, our new tents will be put on
 your disposal.

 Of course you 'll find there everything you may need on camp site.


 1) Formalities first: you should be on the spot one day before 
     (after 04:00 pm, but no later than 10:00 am the day of starting)

 2) We need to get to know each other and divide into groups 
     (8 people each)

 3) Camp schedule/ lessons: twice a day x 2 hours sessions x 10    

 4) Free time: you will have enough time for fun and other activities
     but on the water you can not count on any leniency...we love 
     windsurfing, and there is no chance for laziness ...In
     exchange for it you'll become the world champion 


 The latest equipment is put at your disposal ( up-to- date boards
 and light riggs)

 Trust us, we have a huge experience in teaching and the
 equipment will be matched individually.



 You will be taught by professional, experienced and cerified



 There is no chance for boredom after classes...we will give you a lot of 
 options you can choose from

* bicycles- we put on your diposal 12 bicycles, you will have a chance to
   see how beautiful the Helski Peninsula is..

* bonfires

* barbecue

* discotheque, sports, etc. We are open to your proposals.


 Beware of our photographer ( paparazzi), who is only waiting for
 your exsesses and slip-ups. ..Your pictures you will get on CD
 at the end of the camp.





 All your actions on the water will be immortalized on a videotape.
 It helps you to analyse your sailing technique, progress you
 make and discuss everything with your instructor.



 All participants of our courses get a bonus card which gives you 
 10% off in our windsurfing centers, discount on shopping 
www.surfshop.pl) and a small price reduction in travels with Fun
 Surf Travel.





If you want to see how much fun we had on previous camps -
look into our photo gallery.

Watch & download our film from site Polaris
(15,4 MB).




session dates


accommodation on our camping site 
(person/10 days)

1 01.07-10.07 860
+ 140

sign up online

2 11.07-20.07 860
+ 140

sign up online

3 21.07-30.07 860
+ 140

sign up online

4 01.08-10.08 860
+ 140

sign up online

5 11.08-20.08 860
+ 140

sign up online

6 21.08-30.08 790
+ 140

sign up online

                                                                                                    - > SEND THE FORMULAR



*  10%  off for our regular customers


The prices include:

  • the complete latest  windsurfing equipmen
  • lessons: twice a day x 2 hours sessions in a group
    of 4-8 pax with instructor
  • life jacket and harness
  • wet suit
  • equipment insurance
  • accident insurance



 - your own tent if you do not want to use our tents ( brand new,
   for 2 persons, Igloo type)
 - mattress and sleeping bag
ID document ( with a picture) and health book
towels and toilet kit
bathing suit and  non-skid/non-marking shoes
 - sun glasses and sunscreen
 - headgear
 - raincoat
 - c
lother appropriate for sunny and cool days
                              - i
f you are going to prepare meals on your own, please remember
                                to bring your cutlery ( electric kettles and camp stoves will be
                                available on the spot)


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