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About us.

      Fun Surf Windsurfing School located in Chałupy was 
in 1996.
 For the first year we taught in the center on Polaris Camp,
 then we had moved to Chałupy where we stay up to this day.

    The beginning was not easy at all...
We started from 6 boards and 10 riggs. 

The number of boards increased with every year and now we have over 100 sets of the latest equipment at your disposal.
Our school provides windsurfing lessons, instruction and rentals for beginners, 
                                 intermediates, up to advanced windsurfers.

    Windsurfing is our passion - we do what we love and are knowledgeable about.
Teaching windsurfing and getting people involved in windsurfing is not part of what we do, it is just what we do.

      It is headed up by Maciej Witkiewicz "Gepard"- experienced 
 instructor and former competitor , who is suported by the team
of certified, fully qualified and eager instructors.They are trained
 to provide you with top-quality teaching methods and techniques in
 your windsurfing lesson, so you will enjoy it with a smile.

    All those people, coming to us from all over Poland who loves recreation and having a good time, are tempted by high quality of our services and a friendly atmosphere in our centers. Many of them come back every year as our regular customers.
Every year we provide our clients with a huge variety of courses: from absolute
 beginners to more advanced tuition depending on your ability.

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