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              Fun Surf               


What do we do ? Water, wind, sun & more ...

We organise professional windsurfing courses..
For your company it's a possibility of recreation, training & team building...
Our 10-years experience with clients from different branches gives you  a guarantee that you get an offer fited to your individual needs.




 Why this offer is for you ???    


Do you think about rewarding your employees for their commitment & achievements ???
Do yoy want to strengthen relations with your clients in an friendly atmosphere ???
Windsurfing is a modern, popular sport - therefore our offer is a wonderful and extraordinary
occasion, ideal for those who live intensively and search for new challenges.


Benefits ?  

First of all you take your first steps in windsurfing.
You will also relax and spend your time aktiv.
Your employees become close to each other thanks to common hobby and your firm will be perceive more positiv.

At the end each participant will get the certificate & bonus card which gives 10% off in our windsurfing centers.

We aslo invite you later on to our 2 centers for inproving your skills under supervision of professional, experienced and certified instructors.



Who can become a windsurfer ?

Everyone who is full of life, likes taking up challenges and seeks for something new.
You only need to express desire to learn windsurfing -
you don't need special fitness or strength.

Already after a few hours you will learn the basis and get a lot of pleasure & satisfaction. Maybe windsurfing become your new passion ???



Instructors. Equipment. Safety.


You will be taught by professional, experienced and cerified instructors,
trained also on first aid.
Equipment of the best quality, well-matched to the abilities is a base of quick & efficient learning. Therefore our cemters are equiped in modern board & rigs from the well-known producers (like JP, NP, Fanatic, North Sails).

Our rescue boats are available any time.
Each participant gets wetsuit and life jacket.
We are constantly vigilant & use binoculars to check the whole area
throughout the day.







1. accomodation:

You can rest in a luxurious hotel Meridian. It is open all year round. With over 30 tastefully decorated rooms it offers a great comfort and perfect chance for relaxation. The hotel is being equipped with PA sysyem - its conference room can be used for business meetings, trainings banquets and integrational gatherings.
You can also choose from a wide range of pensions & guesthouses in Chałupy and Władysławowo.

2. training:

Hel Peninsula is the best place in Europe for windsurfing, suitable for all abilities. Plate water without waves and stable winds are perfect for safe and nice learning.

We offer you:
- FULL-TIME OPTION - 120 PLN / person / day
(windsurfing as the main acivity)

- PART-TIME OPTION - 80 PLN / person /day
(windsurfing as a supplement to the activities of a different kind)

!!! Prices include training with the complete latest ws equipment & wetsuits. !!!

Other attractions (swimming pool, horese-riding, bicycles, fishing) are posiible.




Point out any spot in Poland - and we reach you with our instructors & ws equipment.





FULL-TIME OPTION - 150 PLN / person / day

PART-TIME OPTION -  100 PLN / person / day

additional costs.




We can also take you to any destination in the world.

We prepare a detailed offer with proposals of flight and possible accomodation - depending on your needs.











 Thank you for your interest in our Windsurfing School.

With pleasure we will answer all your questions
and advise the best solution.



Fun Surf Team


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