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Polaris station

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polaris STATION.    


Centre nr 2 of our Windsurfing School is located on a very picturesque campsite Polaris (5 km from Władysławowo;
1,5 km from Chałupy).
Plate water without waves and stable winds are perfect for safe and nice learning.


## contact with Polaris centre ##


Participants of our courses can stay on Polaris campsite
( ## price list ##).
The biggest on Hel Peninsula & really nice campsite is "an osasis of green".
Spacious and tree-covered area is fenced off & totaly safe.
You will find there sanitary facilities with hot water and points of connection to electricity, also: small shops and bars.

Especially for you we prepared a mini camp site to give you a possiblity to live in your own tents. If you don't like to lug a huge baggage, our new tents will be put on your disposal.
Of course you 'll find there everything you may need on camp site.


You will be taught by professional, experienced and certified instructors.




The latest equipment is put at your disposal ( up-to- date boards and light riggs)
Trust us, we have a huge experience in teaching and the
equipment will be matched individually.
Now we have over 100 sets of the latest equipment at your disposal.

 ## see which boards are put at your disposal this year ##


Classes are hold in small groups with instructor, the shallow water ensures that you can simply walk back to the beach.
Each participant gets wetsuit and life jacket.
Our rescue boats are available any time. We are constantly vigilant & use binoculars to check the whole area throughout the day.


From year 2000 we own the VDWS International Windsurfing Licence, which gives us position between the best windsurfing schools in Europe.
According to the Tourism Services Act 
we are also listed on the Registry  of Tour Operators and Travel Agency, number 080.


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